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Commissioned Paintings

You haven’t found what you’ve been searching for?

Have the idea of a painting?

Order a commission today!

Anything you’ve seen, wished or dreamt of…We’ll provide you with high quality work, not just a reproduction…You can order Acrylic painting, Oil painting, watercolor or pastel, just mail us what you wish for and we’ll reply ASAP.

It is amazing to have the family, the pet, or even an old painting as an oil painting! We just need a photo, any photo, color picture and that’s it!

In the end you’ll have a painting of any size you want, capturing the faces and moments you cherish most! We will mail photos of the finished artwork, and photos of painting process as well, prior to shipment of your painting!

If you have a favorite motif, photography or an idea for the painting that you would like to possess, you can order it Today, and have it on your wall ASAP!

Commissioned artworks which we work on represent not just a plain reproduction of an already existing artwork or a photo, but the work with enforced buyer’s requests, as well as that special touch of an artist making a reproduction.

If you choose the commissioned artwork, you will get the painting with the life of its own, as well as with its own value at the art market.

All commissioned paintings are done with the high quality professional art materials available at the market.

For all inquiries contact us via our contact page